Relocation services

Stěhování Tavočer Ltd. since 1999, offers a complete domestic and international moving services . We are trying to optimize our services throughout our operations and gradually expanding to be as close as possible to our customers. Therefore, we decided to offer our services also extend the " relocation services ". With our team we are able to offer full relocation services with non -stop assistant during your relocation or moving your company.

  • searching for a new residence
  • residence permits , work permits
  • assistance in integration
  • international relocation
  • assistance for the new housing facility
  • assistance in arranging services
  • searching for kindergardens, schools, leisure activities
  • personal transport

Searching for a new residence

Our team will try their best to listen and understand your ideas, so they will be able to help with the search for new housing and offer a suitable property or lease. We will offer you a suitable location with facilities for citizens and availability of satisfying your ideas. We provide all information about the real estate prices and rental conditions.

Residence permits , work permits

Communication with the authorities in the new environment may not be quite a simple thing. We can help you arrange or support you in administrative tasks such as processing and extension of work permits, vehicle registration or purchase and registration of new vehicles, providing technical inspections. We will find a suitable insurance company for insurance you or your belongings.

International relocation

We provide apartments, offices, houses, furniture and goods relocation from abroad to abroad. We also provide smaller international moving worldwide! All our vehicles have navigation systems. You can easily calculate the route from the place of loading to the unloading (up to a particular street or even to house number). Our car park is secured through a satellite tracking device so we can determine where the vehicle with your belongings is located. This monitoring is possible throughout Europe, with an accuracy of a few meters.

Assistance with integration

We will help you and your family assimilate with the new environment. We will recommend suitable shopping sites, find a doctor, a place for leisure activities. We will help you with public transport systems and help establish the first social contacts.

Assistance program for the new housing facility

Comfortable housing is a priority for all of us, so we can help you find a proven sellers, manufacturers or rental furniture. We provide reliable craftsmen, designers, architects. We can help you break the language barrier, when you visit a store or in contact with local people.

Assistance in arranging services

Our relocation team also can help you with ensure of all services necessary for modern communications and the ability to work from home. We provide assistance in the provision of telephone lines, cable, satellite or wireless Internet connection. We will also help with the transfer of your services or the establishment of banking services. We will help you find also suitable language courses or training to help understand the local culture and customs.

Search kindergardens, schools, leisure activitiest

If you have children and they already reached preschool or school age, you must already be thinking ahead to choose the right preschool or school. We can help you with the selection of the most appropriate institutes and help with arranging meetings or interviews.

Personal transport

As a complement to our relocation services we are able to provide secure transport with modern minivans in and around Prague. You can use our transport for cultural events, business meetings, but also for your children to travel to school, nursery or leisure activities.