International moving

We also move small personal items, cartons and goods abroad and from abroad around the world!

With great pleasure we offer you a new type of service for smaller international moving.

To meet the specific requirements of each customer, it was necessary to find a new middle ground for international moving, there is considerable emphasis on price, but they also not tolerate lower quality guaranteed on all other orders in our company.

To collaborate on this project, we finally agreed on effective cooperation with DHL, transnational partner and global leader in international express, air, sea, road and rail transport.

This allows us to offer you moving within the European Union and outside on very favorable financial conditions, if not unbeatable.

Let us introduce you closer moving process by this way, greatest advantage and therefore the ultimate reason for his order.


Our crew comes to you and prepare all your things for international transport. This includes the professional packing to prevent any damage during the journey and eventual disassembling of larger pieces. When is volume of moving goods larger we prepare and pack goods on the wooden palette to make sure that the goods will be transported together all the time.

Then pass the DHL shipment, the goods delivered to the address discharge within 3-6 days. Goods are monitored all the time during the transport by the eTrack system and is insured according to your requirements.

Under the terms of DHL is landed for the first lockable door to the customer. At selected locations we cooperate with local removal companies that perform assembling furniture to original condition and unpacking moved objects. They plainly complete a full service moving. In other localities, is the completing of the moving up to you.

However, if you report your move with sufficient advance, we will try to ensure you the completion of services in less traditional destinations too.


You or a local moving company will ensure packing and disassembling moved pieces to fit the requirements for transport with DHL. You fill the shipment waybill and the goods pass to DHL. Based on our experiences from previous orders, we can advise you which company is the best, in selected destination, to reach it.

The DHL deliver goods to the address of discharge within 3-6 days. You report us the identification number of the shipment waybill, then we can monitor the goods during the transport by the eTrack system and flexibly arrange with you delivering and unpacking. Goods is insured at all times according to your requirements.

According on your requirements, the goods in the Czech Republic takes over our company by DHL, and perform according your wishes all needed services.

Main advantages:

The biggest positive of this way of moving is no doubt the price. Because the customer does not pay all expenses for transportation alone, but share them with other clients, the price for transport falls in some cases to one-fifth the value of the classical moving.

Another equally interesting and positive is slower transport time. Customers can still send goods from the original location, then complete the work of clearing or forwarding house or apartment, then in a calm and unhurried comfortably move into new locations and prepare everything necessary to receive goods and then receive it.

Our last and most important positive aspect is that even though the price is compared to conventional moving significantly decreases, remains the so-called "full service" where customers can order the service, which will be the minimum physical effort for him and quality of service remains at the same level.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us directly to the control room /dispatching/ from Monday to Sunday between 8:00 and 19:00. In return we will prepare an offer and help you with any point in this way of moving.