Packaging services

We will pack furniture, crockery, clothing, ornaments, computers and electronics and everyday objects, with the maximum emphasis on safety. You can be sure that you will find all your belongings in order after the removal.

The service of furniture and items packing can be ordered separately, excluding removal. We also provide packaging services in international standart quality. We offer these services in our shop.

Safe and careful packaging

You don’t need to worry about your belongings; packaging is carefully done with regard to the nature of the packed items. Our packaging service can always safely wrap anything, you can safely entrust all your belongings to our care.

What and how we pack for you

  • All your usual things, books, dishes and other odds and ends will be stored in cardboard boxes.
  • Clothing will be put into special boxes with coat-hangers.
  • Office and computer equipment, appliances and home electronics will be bubblewrapped and securely stored in cardboard boxes.
  • Furniture will be dismantled and each piece will be wrapped in a layer of corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Glass pieces of furniture and fragile items will be bubblewrapped.
  • Glass and china dishes will be bubblewrapped and placed into a cardboard box.
  • Sofas, couches, chairs will be packed in a bubble wrap.

We use only high quality packaging materials. To ensure full security of your belongings, our vehicles are equipped with blankets and quilts. Of course there is a cautious and responsible approach by all employees.

When you want to do your own packing

We rent out or sell special crates, boxes and other packaging material to wrap your belongings.

Packing Service Prices

The price of packing depends on the required manpower. We charge 600 CZK / hour for each worker. Cost of packaging material depends on the amount and nature of the packed items. Then it is added to the price of packing.